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What collection clients say!


"Our company has used Collectrite for over 28 years and we appreciate the effort and professional recovery expertise we receive from them year after year !"  


"We don't require assistance often, but when we do we know we can count on Collectrite to do the best job! We have worked together for about 14 years and their staff are always friendly, knowledgeable and approachable."    


"Our organization has used the services of Collectrite Collections Canada since 2004.   Their recoveries to date have exceeded our expectations, increasing recoveries over our previous agency by 22%!  Our team are very pleased with the service we receive from Collectrite."  



The Name Collectrite


The name Collectrite originated with the Hamilton office in 1971.  In the mid 70's, our office agreed to share the name Collectrite with other Associated Credit Bureaus of Canada collection offices.   Today, eight offices use the name Collectrite, all are seperately owned and operated and are not franchised. Each office has its own services, pricing and reputation.  

global network



 National &  International  Recovery Network


Collectrite and Credimax Collections Canada are affiliated with The Canadian  & National Recovery Network, an advanced collection network of industry professionals, pproviding expanded commercial collection coverage throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.


When recovering debt globally, it is important to understand, every Country, State and Province, have laws in place that impact recoverablity.  Our expanded coverage focuses on local strength, knowledge, and expertise in order to maximize recoverabilty quickly.


Our clients are able to work exclusively with our Hamilton or Kitchener offices, while we manage, co-ordinate, forward, report, and remit payment, to them directly. 


Greater Coverage and Global Expertise  =  Greater Recovery Success. 




Below are some of our affiliate partners,  please click on their logo for additional information about their organizations.









Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

       Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce 


Equifax Canada





Trans Union Canada




 Law Society of Upper Canada




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