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Collectrite Collections Canada   /    Credimax Collections Canada  


Both divisions offer designer programs, focused on specific industries and professional groups in order to  maximize recoveries, quickly and cost effectively. 

In order to establish the best contingency rate and program, we require a few moments of your time to inform us about the nature of your business and your account/s such as: 

1. Which industry do you represent?

2. Are accounts Domestic or International ?

3. Commercial or Retail ?

4. Age of Account/s, Dollar Value ?

5. Judgment or Re-assigned from Lawyer or other Collection Agency?


Once we have the above information, we will advise you of a program best suited to your needs and email this to you for approval.


Once reviewed, simply choose, print, complete, and sign the attached Credimax Agreement for Service or Collectrite Collections Agreement for Services marking an X for program desired and forward to:



For Collectrite Collections Canada 

 Jill McMahon - Client / Customer Services :

Phone: 905-525-7300 x 201

Fax: 905-525-1890  Attn: Jill McMahon



For Credimax Collections Canada 

  Vielka Young - Office Manager/Client Services/ Sales :

 Phone: 519-578-8800 x 129

 Fax: 1-800-579-0220  Attn: Vielka Young.  



Please do not hesitate to call either representative in your area with questions, or if you need advice!


We are now ready to accept accounts for collection! 


In order to list accounts with Collectrite or Credimax, we will require supporting documents to substantiate the amount owing.  Please forward; Invoices, P.O,'s, Bills of Lading, statements and any information that will help expedite recovery. 



Thank you for your interest.


TriMax Recovery Group

905-525-7300 - Hamilton

519-578-8800 / 1-800-579-0220 Kitchener 

905-363-2550 x 203 Mississauga

1-800-579-0220x 125  CAN/USA 


Collectrite Paralegal Services Professional Corp. - Client  



If you would like more information about our Paralegal Services including customized pricing and services, please contact Mike Andrews.   



Michael Gordon Andrews, Licensed Paralegal & President

905-522-6053 (direct line) 

905-363-2550 x 204 Mississauga

1-877-266-6686 x  204 CAN/USA  


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