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All accounts submitted for Collection by the Creditor (Client), are accepted by Collectrite Collections Canada, a division of Collectrite of Hamilton (75) Limited, (hereafter known as Collectrite) under the most recent Terms & Conditions/Agreement, approved by the Creditor (Client) in writing.

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If you prefer to do things the old fashioned way, you can download and print off the Collectrite Commercial Account Listing Form   

For  Credimax Collections Canada Commercial Listing Form, Credimax Collections Canada Consumer Listing Form                     


 Credimax Agreement for Services

Collectrite Agreement for Services


Please fax completed Listing Form with supporting documents to FAX: 905-525-1890 Collectrite / 1-866-762-2905 Credimax   

A debt acknowledgment will be faxed to you within 48 hours from the date of listing.      Thank you.