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Three successful companies, providing fully integrated - seamless - debt recovery, management and legal services. Using incomparable human resources and proven collection models we facilitate quick recovery and maximum results.



Representing diverse industries and sectors our clients range in size from large multi-national corporations to smaller businesses and professional groups. In a business environment where multiple agencies working for the same client in the norm we have proven ourselves that we consistently surpass expectations and our competitors collection rates. In a climate of constant change our client turnover remains the lowest in the industry. Customer loyalty is our measure of success.



President:  Mike Andrews, BBA
Group Combined Annual Recoveries 2010/2011: $5,000,000 CDN




Collectrite Collections Canada

Established: December 3, 1971,
Physical Office location: Hamilton Ontario, Canada
Coverage: Local, National, United States, International affiliations.


  • Consumer accounts including Retail, Housing and Rental, Healthcare
  • Commercial Accounts including Utilities, Telecoms, Construction and Transportation.  



Credimax Collections Canada




Established January 16, 1980
Physical Office Location:  Kitchener, Ontario
Coverage: Local, National, United States   Latin America and Mexico, International Affiliations
* National & International Recovery & Litigation network.



Collectrite Paralegal Services Professional Corporation (CPS)

  Established:  March 2008
On site Associate:
* National Paralegal and Litigation Affiliate                       

Member of the Law Society of Upper Canada





MGA Process Services: Established:  March 2008



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