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Collection Services  


Collectrite and Credimax Collections Canada have a dedicated team of professionals committed to helping your organization succeed. 


Sound, dependable experience, dedication, insight, and the desire to exceed our clients expectations drive us to focus on account recovery initiatives and strategies promotting greater success in today’s markets.


Tailor Made Collections Rates  

Every company is unique and has specific recovery and industry needs.  Our experienced and dedicated team will design a program to best suit your business and industry, a program that will maximize recovery, reduce DSO, and be cost effective. 


Rates and Programs vary....

Rates and programs are customized in order to maximize recovery , reduce DSO,  and minimize cost.  We establish your rate/program based on a few very short questions such as:  Are accounts, Commercial or Consumer, Domestic or International, Your Industry, Age of accounts, size range and volume.


Commercial Contingency Fees 

Canadian & US dollars up to $750,000

Collection Programs 

  Early Response Service = ERS indentifies past due customers at the earliest stages in the receivables cycle, long before communication and established relationship are at risk. This assertive, yet subtle program promotes immediate payment direct to the client within 10 short days, reducing DSO and increasing cash flow. 


Final Demand Program = Available for commercial accounts under 90 Days, this program addresses accounts early.  More assertive than ERS, it   motivates payment direct to the client within 10 days or results in full and immediate collection.


Immediate Collection  Program =  This collection program is for clients wanting immediate collection action, accounts average age from 90 days to 12 months.  Corporate Collection Managers work files immediately to establish payment and/or investigate for assets if there is a need for litigation.


Regular Collection Program = For clients who tend to hold on to their accounts longer or they have limited information.  Rates are slighltly higher and accounts are handled professionally by the collection team immediately. 


Outsourcing  =  The outsourcing of receivable accounts allows clients to minimize their internal collection and recovery costs and increase bad debt collection at the same time. Utilizing our expansive experience as acknowledged industry professionals, our ability to work with both client and customer at the earliest receivables level -  provides added value to this initial stage of the collections cycle.


Please contact our office if you would like a no obligation quote or need further assistance.  


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