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  Collectrite Collections Canada 

Credimax Collections Canada


Services Overview  


Commercial Division

     Canadian & U.S. Commercial Debt 


Global  Commercial  Recovery Network 


Debts Reported to Equifax


 Commercial Credit Investigations


Equifax & Dun & Bradstreet 




Customized Industry Programs



Outsourcing - Early Response -  Collection Demands


Consumer Division  


 Consumer / Retail Debt


Outsourcing - Early Response Service


Health / Medical /OVMA


Finance / Utilities / Government


Franchise Debt / Large Volume  


Reporting Debts to Equifax & Trans Union 


System to system  integration 









Collectrite Paralegal Services Proff Corp

 Services Overview  


 Small Claims Court Services  



Court  Representation up to $25,000


Enforcement of Judgments


Extensive Mediation Expertise



Collection Client Reduced Fees



Public Corporations


 Legal Firms


Process Serving



Legal Services

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